Protests are planned for safety improvements at a busy and very dangerous junction in Broadheath.

The junction at Manchester Road and Sinderland Road in Broadheath is very dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists and has seen many crashes.

Kaushik Chakraborty from Trafford Tories has been helping local residents to get a pelican crossing at this junction and has asked Trafford Council for this to happen.

The A56 for its entire length is very dangerous for all users and has claimed some lives, further towards Sale at The Drive a large group of people protested about motorists using the wrong lane and the link roads to try and cheat the traffic jams caused in part because of the lights at Park Road.

We are also fully aware that the crossing near to Washway Road Co-op is very dangerous as crackpot motorists go through on a red light on a regular basis, people have been knocked down at this crossing.

Although its better to have a crossing than not have one, we suggest for people using them to wait until all cars have stopped and not to presume they will!

Kaushik said: “The JNC of A56 Manchester Road & Sinderland Road needs a pelican crossing.It is a busy jn and vulnerable people, elderly people, people with pushchairs & children find it quite difficult.One resident from Manchester Road complained, his partner had slipped (in haste) & cut open her forehead while crossing the road recently.”

We have asked for a statement from Trafford Labour councillor Stephen Adshead and await his reply.