A nuclear bunker (Altrincham ROC) was built nearer to Partington in 1965 in the back lanes, it had enough room for a handful of men who was in position to detect, locate and communicate nuclear detonations.

Back in them days the threat of nuclear attack was a genuine threat and even a bunker was found under Trafford Council on Talbot Road in Old Trafford.


The nuclear bunker near Partington was located if you went down Warburton Lane from Partington, all the way to Dunham Road make a left and head for Cargreen Lane (Sat map below)

These nuclear bunkers are dotted everywhere in Greater Manchester and this watch bunker is the only one of its kind near Trafford.

The site is now covered in shallow grass, however if you look hard enough you may see something of the bunker,

Partington has its history right on its doorstep as back in the second world war an aircraft battery was placed in Cross Lane Park near bushes next to Chapel Lane and other historical items still visible.

History is all around us, some that are not visible and those you could be walking over beneath your feet every day! explore and you too will find treasures on your doorstep.

Coroners Wood

pic Google Maps

Coroners Wood is one of those treasures in Partington, one that needs protecting and made into a place for people to learn how valuable it is, according to Trafford Parishes it was a place of rest for monks from a monastry called St John of Jerusalem in 1536 although nothing remains of the structure today, the graves remain in tact.

where we believe the monks grave is close to Warburton Park: Pic Google

We believe the graveyard is under a mound slightly further south and east near Warburton Park and we are glad to say the grave yard and Warburton will not have to be disturbed by 200mph HS2 trains as the government got cold fingers and decided to scrap the plans to bring it to the west of Manchester, it also means Dunham is saved.

The bunker underneath Trafford Council was built in 1982 to the tune of £2.5m it had enough room for a fair amount of people, it was built as a communications centre in case a nuclear attack, the cold war ended and the bunker was not used and an extension was demolished.

According to Beneath Trafford the 10,000 ft squared bunker still sits underneath Trafford Council in what is described a a flooded cavern that with heavy machinery above ground made it feel apocalyptic.