Haiti in rubble after a huge Earthquake

Pic: from CTV News

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Thousands of people are feared dead after a mega sized Earthquake hit Haiti at around 8.30am this morning (14 Aug 2021)

At this time the death toll is 227 although officials are saying the number will increase into the thousands, another big 5.2 magnitude Earthquake soon after hit the area Petit Trou de Nippes, about 150km west of the capital Port-au-Prince.

The Haiti PM declared a state of emergency as Haiti tries to pick itself up before a storm hits them and blows away all the thousands of homes that were severely damaged by the 7.2 magnitude shaker.

Reports coming in from Haiti suggest chaos like they have never seen before with families displaced, people wandering around not knowing what to do, trying to find love ones that could have died.

Whilst the death toll will rise government officials and aid charities including the backing of the US government will bow be looking to help people in getting into some shelter, and making sure people have something to eat and use of water for sanitation.

After several devastating earthquakes it seems Haiti had not built stronger accommodation to withstand a mega sized Earthquake.

US president Joe Biden said:

In what is already a challenging time for the people of Haiti, I am saddened by the devastating earthquake that occurred in Saint-Louis du Sud, Haiti this morning. We send our deepest condolences to all those who lost a loved one or saw their homes and businesses destroyed.

I have authorized an immediate US response and named USAID Administrator Samantha Power as the senior US official to coordinate this effort. Through USAID, we are supporting efforts to assess the damage and assist efforts to recover those who were injured and those who must now rebuild. The United States remains a close and enduring friend to the people of Haiti, and we will be there in the aftermath of this tragedy.