Police and Your Housing Group have joined forces to tackle a growing problem at the shopping centre in Partington.

It seems to be an on going problem where young people are causing some problems at the shopping centre, more so around the back of it and around the petrol station.


Police have taken these issues seriously and will be doing more patrols in this area, the housing group who have a dreadful record for dealing with any kind of anti social behaviour will be on hand to assist police in the possibility of going to the parents house/flat of an individual caught in the act.

The housing group can apply some serious pressure on the householder if the child does not behave in the right way, we know they can even look at eviction! in this way the housing group can actually be useful.

We know all about the problems in Partington and throw a life line to the young people since they do not have anything, they have to hang out somewhere and it seems the shopping centre is the best idea since they have a few more things open like the petrol station and the takeaway.

Trafford Tories took many Youth Centres away, with it they took away Sure Start centres, lets face it both of these things are incredibly vital to both young people and new parents, yes! we blame the Trafford Tories for this, however what has Trafford Labour done?

What would it cost for Trafford to give back the old Youth Centre on Moss Lane in Partington? sod the rent! and any costs for maintaining it, bring in Youth Workers even checked out Volunteers to help out, it takes guts and ambition, it seems Trafford Labour has a wide growling mouth, however it has no clue! it;s now they could show courage, forgetting greed and do something for Partington,

The problem is like a revolving door in Partington, bored kids go on to be bored adults and some of them follow the wrong crowd, of course! this can happen anywhere, police are always at the same door, instead why not do something for them, the cause of the boredom, the cause of the issues these kids face day in day out, and with courage and a proper goal the politicians can remedy all of the issues Partington has had for decades.