Trafford Council offers grants to community groups

Pic: Google

Trafford Council are giving away the cash to community groups in Trafford in the hope it will keep people safe, reduce harm and offending and help create a better place to live in.

Grants of up to £5000 are on offer to any group that can satisfy the requirements, all you have to do is apply

On the council website it tells of how Moor Nook Park secured funding the last time and spent it on things like a bee hotel, a path, cleaning footpaths, and flower planting.

This is great and although most park groups already do lots of this type of work did not reduce crime or even the fear of crime, it did nothing to help stop offending either.

What the council wants is a quick fix on what is becoming a very bad problem in Trafford, with police often not reporting to media serious incidents! many! it already gives a false sense of security for residents which is not helping anyone.

Community groups needs to connect with police in the area they live to come up with a plan so the money given can be put to good use rather than clean a path in a park that should be done by One Trafford park’s team! yes they still have 12 men going around looking after parks and doing a good job these days!

Our suggestion would be to create Martial Arts clubs everywhere, or more boxing clubs for kids of any age to go to, and of course adults, this is going to do more than help them defend themselves, it gives back self awareness, confidence, and a goal to succeed in life.

A place where lost kids can go and get some discipline, training all of the time would also help focus on important things like doing well in school, and a change in attitude which would sweep a community like a brush fire.

Keeping the people fit and healthy is the route to more happy people, the drugs issues will fall away which is what is causing much of the problems in Trafford, the rats will jump on another ship one right into the dark hole they came from!

Park groups are not the people that need this money, they are alright, its community groups with ambition and an understanding what it really means to help the people become safer and happier.