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local authorities say that current penalty charges outside of London are not high enough to prevent illegal parking.69% believe that penalty charges outside of London should mirror those inside London.

95% agreed that penalty charges in England and Wales should be like those currently being proposed in Scotland.


New research by the British Parking Association (BPA) reveals an overwhelming consensus amongst UK local authorities on the need to review and raise parking penalty charges to make them a more effective deterrent.

Councils also want greater consistency between the level of parking penalty charges in London and those outside the capital, including other major cities and urban areas.

Effective parking management is essential to support sustainable growth and improve road safety for everyone.91% of local authorities agree that the current penalty charge level outside of London is not high enough, to deter or discourage irresponsible rule-breaking, especially where parking is not allowed.

Selfish and irresponsible parking in busy car parks increases congestion and makes it increasingly difficult for responsible motorists to find somewhere to park and get on with their daily lives.95% of respondents agree that the Scottish Government is right to review and increase its penalty charge level, and that a similar increase is required in England and Wales.


This would encourage better compliance with parking rules and support transport plans including active travel.Separate data from a leading car park operator, found that a proposed reduction of the parking charge level in the private sector would lead to an insufficient deterrent.

This is expected to result in an increase in rule breaches and more parking charge notices being issued in privately operated car parks.Andrew Pester, BPA Chief Executive, said: “The findings of this survey reinforces the urgent need to review and raise penalty charges everywhere to encourage compliance with the parking rules.

We will continue to work closely with government as well as calling for effective deterrents to inconsiderate parking both on public roads and in private car parks.”