Police responded to a crash involving a silver car that crashed into the front of Dominoes Pizza on SInderland Road in Broadheath at around 4pm yesterday 26 Aug 2021.

It is believed the occupants of the car ran off.

The front of the takeaway was badly damaged with the front door smashed and some brickwork has also been damaged such was the force of the car which must have been going very fast to cause such damage.

Collision: pic Sharon Snape

This is not the first time a collision with this takeaway has happened, it brings into question about how safe is it to have a takeaway at this dangerous junction.

With safety in mind, we are aware and back a campaign to improve safety at the junction of A56 and Sinderland Road, it seems Trafford Council at this time are not interested.

We expect more collisions to happen at this dangerous junction, with the possibility of fatalities maybe this is the only thing that will get this council to notice.