We have looked at many roads during our travels today to find the one that is the most untidy and we found it sadly in the Partington area.

Chapel Lane which we have reported huge fly tips in the past was the most untidy we have ever seen it, and for a while! we found loads of bags of ‘Mixed Hydroponic Substrate’ which are tiny brown pebbles, its use is unknown although suggestion is they ‘could’ be used for criminal purposes.

As we continued more rubbish was found dumped at the sides of the road, dumped conveniently in the edges so no one could see it unless you walked past.

Even with the CCTV warning signage that went up recently it seems not many people believed cameras were around, although it has done its job as the huge fly tips seen and reported is a thing of the past, now though fly tipping is all over the place and not in one place.


Chapel Lane is also in dire need of a full resurface something we have been calling for, as ever and all too often the mention of Partington and its ignored!

We have reported the mess to One Trafford and hope all the bags can be cleared and rubbish found on the sides of the road can be taken away soon.