Bridgewater Canal Stretford

Pic: Edwards/ Google

Police responded after receiving multiple calls of a man initially self harming on the Bridgewater Canal in Stretford during this week.

The man was located as police approached he jumped into the canal putting himself at serious risk of drowning or serious infection as many diseases lurk in them waters.

Police managed to get him out and was then handed over to a paramedic who checked him over and then was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Despite all that the man went through he was then found to be wanted on the PNC (Police National Computer) after police checked his name on the system, the man was arrested.

Suicide has always been a big problem here in Trafford and since the pandemic we have been told by political people and mental health staff that its off the scale here in this borough, further to this we spoke to a leading Salford GP this week and asked him what was the current state of Mental Health services in Trafford.

The doctor looked with some concern telling us “Mental Health services in Trafford is broken and will take a long time to fix.”

We know about the dire need of the re-introduction of a walk in advocacy service for those with mental health problems and only this week we were in high level talks to get this service back for vulnerable people, to give them back a say and to stop many Mental Health staff sitting on the job.

The horror stories we read motivates us to get things right again, we do not want to make this a political thing, yet it really is all to do with politics and at the time The Tories took away the funding for Trafford Mental Health Service, even the CAB were shocked at the dreadful decision to take away a life line for many people.

Two wrongs do not make a right, and we believe the Tories are going to deliver a new advocacy service and we are helping them to achieve this with the overriding knowledge that funding must always be available and it should never shut down again no matter who is in charge.

Suicide can come from a lack of a say, many have mental health issues or simply they have had enough, mental health services need to be at the front making sure people do not go on to do such or horrific thing, and for many people here in Trafford they have failed everyone of them

If you are feeling even just a bit low and need to talk to someone at any time of day or night contact the Samaritans