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The secret is out and it will blow your mind as to why not only our council has kept it a secret but others also and it is all thanks to a bit of a leak on a document seen below:

Thanks to Cornerstone who do masts for Vodafone and O2 and others in the past who have mentioned 5G inside lampposts we can now reveal what the council did not want you to know.

Today we have the information that it is being used in street lampposts and other infrastructure! no! not for a mobile phone signal either, its for other things listed above.

Not all street lights are the same, some will have the technology some won’t, so what does all this mean to you and your family, the technology in these lampposts is being used to monitor where you go, what you do and without any doubts your rights to privacy is being put at risk.

Whatever you believe this is surely a breach of trust in political councillors and in the council who have hidden this away from the public, what other things are they doing to keep an eye on you?

We know this technology and 5G is for more than just a signal, of course some things will be helpful like roadside air pollution recording maybe now the council will test for particulates instead of Nitrogen Dioxide pollution! sensors can be used to check traffic conditions.

Sensors will be able to check for flooding and other things, so yes! its not all bad, however it is the privacy aspect of this we are concerned about, for every move you make wherever you are you will be tracked and recorded.

Whats more interesting is all the information will go in the cloud, so in real time around the world places where smart lights are operational the authorities can get access to anyone anywhere and beyond.

We know about drone swarms using 5G and other technologies maybe Wi-Fi since these lampposts can offer this service it might be used for crowd control one day! what we face is a huge leap in technology and that leap is going too fast for humanity to catch up.

Council’s up and down the land must now do the right thing and come out of the shadows and tell the people what they are up to! not just with street lights, for everything.