Vegetation issues on a path in Sale: pic Darren Marsden

Trafford has a huge vegetation issue and it needs to be sorted out soon before the situation becomes too much for One Trafford.

Every road, every verge and bushes some with some dangerous looking spiky plants are growing out of control and nothing is being done and it seems nothing looks like being done for a while yet.


It would only take a week or two for these weeds and the rest of it to grow even more which in places would be dangerous to pass for all walks of life, the green paths and roads makes our borough look scruffy, for new people coming in to Trafford it gives a poor image of what is to come for them.

Vegetation issues can be seen on big roads like Chester Road going under the M60 at Stretford, even further up into Sale you can see weeds growing out of control, Broasheath has issues and Altrincham, Partington also has issues more so on Moss Lane just before Cross Lane Park where hedges are well over the road now.

Under the M60 at Stretford: pic Darren Marsden

Other areas not covered by One Trafford are seeing big vegetation issues, the path from Woodhouse Lane towards Woodhouse Lane tip is now in a dangerous state, we have since contacted United Utilities to maintain this path as they have a disclaimer at the front telling people they have no responsibility if anything happens to someone, they have responsibility to maintain it, to keep it safe!

Of course the only way of getting rid of much of the vegetation is to use weed killer, this means the use of Glyphosate which is a known carcinogen, this will also be problematic for One Trafford and complaints will come in and rightly so! we suggest to One Trafford to get its act together, stop the excuses and get this borough sorted out.