No fuel issues for Asda

Pic: Google

We have no food or fuel shortages here in the UK what we do have is a HGV driver issue that can only be sorted out when the UK government backs down and lets drivers back in from the EU.

The UK is in need of a suggested 100.000 HGV drivers to get things on the move again.

At this time UK based HGV drivers are having to put in more shifts to meet demand, we have seen some shortages of some food, however the next day the product not on the shelf will be back, people have to be patient until the coin drops and the Government sees how bad the situation is.

We have fuel, petrol and diesel all available, just not enough drivers coming to replenish stocks at a few forecourts to meet demand as people start to get back to work.

Due to sensationalised click bait reporting in some mainstream media outlets people got concerned and we saw in some forecourts lines of traffic queuing up to get petrol or diesel when they did not have to panic.

BP have according the the government only 5 petrol stations closed in England and have said no petrol station on the motorways are affected.

For this time, go about your day as you normally would, food will be available and so with fuel for your car, what we can say for sure is the UK government are in short supply of common sense and sadly it could last for a while yet.