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With many running events taking place over the next few weeks or so including the Manchester Marathon next month we give you a simple guide to which trainers are best.

The big brands like Adidas and Nike will always be in people’s minds and rightly so! however do not overlook some of the other top brands like New Balance, Saucony and Asics,.


Running a short race such as a 10k you will need to have a race shoe, something lightweight, breathable and offers some comfort through the midsole the same can apply for a 5k run.

When you are running a half or full marathon we suggest to be wearing a pair of trainers that offers superior cushioning and are breathable and lightweight,

We would suggest to all runners more so those who are taking part for the first time to not run in new trainers more so if you are doing a full marathon, wearing new trainers could result in some very sore hurting feet and remember you have over 26 miles and no other trainers to run in!

Always give them a few goes before a race just to make sure they are good to go and no niggles, many top branded trainers do not have any niggles however we are aware of sizing issues with both Adidas and Nike, including Puma, many people have complained about them being a very narrow fitting more so the new type of trainers.

Adidas has developed a superior midsole technology called Boost and Lightstrike when combined together gives the runner the edge, in some trainers Adidas have included pebax rods to enable you to move faster, the same with Nike who offer a huge bit of foam on the next % range.

The Nike next % is next level, with a carbon plate and zoom x cushioning, with next to nothing on the upper means your feet breath better and is lightweight, they are though like the Adidas range very expensive.

Asics also offer some fantastic top end trainers, it does seem the sportswear firm is no longer making trainers with the gel pad inserted into the foam and instead developing other technologies to help a runner achieve the best result in any competition they run in and in some style.


No one can look away from the Saucuany range of trainers which would do as good a job as any of the brands we have mentioned, Puma have also been in the mix lately and Brooks offering some great trainers.

Mizuno are still doing great things, coming from the transpower system from the 80’s to the Wave design today this company offers some of the best trainers on the market and at a reasonable price.

The sole of the trainers are also crucial to how good your run is and should not be overlooked, Adidas are using Continental rubber in most of the trainers they make which offers superior grip, however we have seen people complain about the sole being slippy more so when its wet underneath which defeats the object.

New Balance are another shoe company who offer some superior running shoes even if you are looking at buying a budget pair they will last long and offer you support and good cushioning.

Do not buy Nike Air Max trainers for running in, these trainers are only for hanging out in, anything heavy and not breathable you should avoid like the plague, that means anything with lots of rubber or overlays on the upper, these trainers often are heavy.

Trail trainers have often got lots of overlays and rubber on the upper, however they are also very breathable and waterproof and have big lugged sole patterns for grip, they are only for running in the mud so do not be tempted to buy a a pair for any running event.

Lastly we will be doing a video soon about what the elite runners run in and looking at stride patterns for you to learn from, we hope you enjoy all the running events and our coverage of the Manchester Marathon next month, join our Facebook group to watch the live event,