Carrington Relied Road route from Isherwood Road: Pic Google Maps

Option F has been decided as the preferred route for the Carrington relief road which will take the road from Isherwood Road to Bankey Lane cutting out the often dangerous Carrington Lane.

It means more of our green belt will be ripped up something the Labour run council kept saying they are trying to protect, and with further housing developments in the pipeline for Partington they are not trying hard enough to give people the idea they care about the environment!


We read all the time from the council “Carrington relief road will ease congestion” and other wording, how can they say this? have they looked at the bigger picture in Trafford?

Trafford’s population will increase in a very big way soon, space on all roads will be shorter for all motorists, Carrington Lane even with the relief road will still be janmmed, the junction at Bankey Lane/Carrington Road will be always be a nightmare, adding the relief road will just add to this.

The chaos will be seen soon and it will be Partington residents who will feel it the most, the solution was already on the cards years ago when we told people to halt the housing developments, to make sure the developer understands the unique problems Partington has and build only when the infrastructure is improved so to limit any problems.

Now! things are worse as huge housing developments go up just about everywhere around and in Partington, two huge developments currently going up in Broadheath on its own will screw up the road network, just these two developments near to Halfords will mean a possible 500 cars or more on the roads.

Look whats happening in Old Trafford! soon in Stretford, and other places in Trafford more houses = more cars = more chaos = more pollution! and yes! the same council called a ‘Climate Emergency’ more like ‘Climate Hypocricy’

The relief road won’t do much for cyclists either! what is needed is the abandoned rail line opened up as a railway again with a cycle path next to it, this would bring people off the roads and help with pollution levels which are poor in Partington and just about everywhere else.

We have read the abandoned rail line is to be a road that goes out towards Altrincham, we fully oppose this idea and it is hoped a consultation takes place as we would hope many people will choose the rail/bike option than yet another useless road that will cause misery for the people who live close to it.