Partington Youth Centre Moss Lane

Pic: Google

Although unusually the executive meeting held last night at Trafford Council was not streamed live we do have information about the proposal of the reopening of the youth centre on Moss Lane in Partington.

The proposal is for the ‘Boys and girls clubs of Greater Manchester’ to take over the former Youth Centre on a 99 year lease! and would cost the council an estimated £250,000 to bring the former Youth Centre up to scratch.

Partington really needs the reopening of this youth centre to happen, to give young people something to do with the staff available to help out when needed.


It will also bring them away from the shopping centre where many are seen hanging out.

In recent times the former youth centre was taken over by Ear 4 U a furniture and a foodbank which both have long vacated and the place has been empty ever since.

We are fully supportive of the proposal and hope Partington will soon have a youth centre again.

In the documents seen it says that a quarter of Partington’s population are children and a study done confirms the children in Partington are the most obese in the borough.

Having a youth centre back again would help them get out more in a safe environment, to be able to participate in lots of activities the youth centre would also see them get fitter.