ASDA petrol station in Sale

pic: Google

The UK military are to help out with fuel shortages at petrol stations due to panic buying and a lack of tanker drivers, we understand that the UK has more than enough fuel for everyone.

An article in a mainstream media paper suggested that the UK has a serious fuel shortage which meant motorists went into a needless panic and the result we see today is petrol stations running out of fuel simply because people are going crazy.

Here in Trafford things have eased off, common sense has prevailed and look what has happened no fuel supply issues, although once news broke about the shortages at just 5 BP stations! some motorists went into panic mode and big queues formed.

What it really means though is how bad the government are handling things right now, trying to get back HGV drivers from the EU with temporary visas, when drivers have clearly talked about how bad things are, and how expensive it is to get the right training done before you can be a HGV driver.

The government needs to make it much better for people, making sure drivers are looked after and not treated like rubbish as is the case right now and has been for a long time, give these guys the credit they deserve and then you will see more people wanting to be a HGV driver.

A tanker driver is not a HGV driver and has specialist skills.

We don’t think Christmas will be ruined though, some things may be off the shelves like they are now however nothing will affect things and if some mainstream media publications can actually report rather than scare the people for only profit.

Looking deeper we suggest to read proper an article before jumping on the bandwagon sounding your panic trumpets on Tik Tok or Twitter.