Same place smaller 5G monopole: Google

Previously Partington Parish Council offered an objection to a 20 metre 5G mast which surprised everyone! more importantly was the wording at the end of the objection.

It read “The mast is far too high and not in the right location 100% health and safety of the mast nor guaranteed” this new mast is in the same position and only slightly smaller at 15 metres.


We call on the Parish Council to offer an objection to this new mast before its too late, with the previous objections many more residents saw this and objected also which helped the planning committee to refuse it.

5G is harmful to everyone, and mostly to our children, it’s more than just some mobile phone signal that offers faster download speeds.

ICNIRP guidelines offers no safety information, it does though offer some good information as to what happens when the microwave beams hit a child, anything under 6GHz goes through the skin of a child with some ease, warming up the internal organs of the body.

The biggest risk is the eye balls of Adults and children more so when the power increases with millimetre wave antennas on just about every lamppost you can find, just about everywhere you go!

This is a huge experiment and it needs to stop, already a group in Brighton look to take the council to court as a mast goes up close to a school, we have already got huge 5G masts built near schools.

A school on Woodhouse Lane East in Timperley has a 5G mast approved, they already had a 4G mast outside the front door! a 5G mast has been approved very close to a primary school in Stretford and another approved close to that mast, another 5G mast has been proposed further on down Chester Road within around 200 metres away from another school in Gorse Hill.

All these masts are going up near schools other than a few proposed fro Trafford Park, this is an attack on our kids, remember 5G is a government thing! do you trust this government with anything?

Partington is sadly at the bottom where health is concerned, its said that people in Partington die early than everywhere else, this will be accelerated with 5G frequencies.

The Parish Council although has little power can do more to protect the people that pay for the service! educating them to those who are interested in preserving a healthy lifestyle to the dangers of 5G frequencies, we would help them out should a request be received.

You can also object to the new mast using ref 105706/TEL/21 or go to Trafford Residents Against 5G on Facebook for more information on 5G and how to object.