Sale Harriers taking the lead

Pic: Darren Marsden

Next Sunday Trafford will welcome the delayed Manchester Marathon with a few changes to the route and the nightmare road closures for some residents.

The route has changed and now includes Manchester City Centre, the route goes down Wharfside Way and then passes by Manchester United FC and on to Chester Road to Stretford, Sale and Timperley, runners will then head towards Altrincham and then go back on itself.

Another new addition this year is the inclusion of Chorlton.

The part of the route that could cause problems is when the runners head down Park Road,, we expect runners will be held up at this corner and will delay the race for thousands of runners, the majority will end up on the pavement at the corner of A56 and Park Road which could mean injuries as the pavement on that corner is really bad.


Road closures are always problematic for residents where in the past we ourselves have witnessed very angry motorists giving stewards a headache, although the organisers will do what they can to minimise problems this time around.

If you are running in the event its time now to look at your equipment as this is vital if you are to run a good race, to make it easier on your body, this is a long run that will take even longer because of Park Road.

Your trainers and socks should be your number one focus, we always suggest not to be running in new trainers, some people still do this and find out that even just an hour into the race something is not right, chaffing, maybe the upper is a tad too tight, and worse of all your feet start moving about in the trainers which could roll your ankle and end your race.

The big sportswear firms like Nike, Adidas, Nike and Hokka are the brands you need to be checking out, Saucony and Brooks are also on the tick list with Mizuno and even Puma worth a look.

You need serious cushioning in a long race like this so look for higher foam stack height, Nike next% and others, the cushioning added with a carbon plate will give you the slight advantage over something with a smaller midsole, you could run in race shoes however not good for your ankles or knees.

Your socks are also as crucial as your trainers, pick something really light and breathable, no cutting corners thinking “These are cheap and cheerful” they will probably cause loads of problems and you will be left running without any socks, choose carefully!


Depending on the weather you would be best in shorts and singlet or a very lightweight breathable t-shirt, sometimes we see runners in football tops which is not a good idea due to possible chaffing, although the new shirts are well designed and should keep you cool for a time was not designed for a run of over 26 miles and will fail causing you to feel bad.

In the past we have seen runners with a gadget shop on them, it would be your choice to bring headphones and your Apple devices, if you are to do that in this race! do not wear overhead headphones!

Keep hydrated throughout the race, have some energy gels or some flap jack to eat along the route, water stations will be at certain points of the race.