Partington Parish Council who previously said “100% health and safety not guaranteed” has now stated that the people of Partington believes 5G is safe.

We can say from our research that many people are concerned about 5G frequencies and the coming soon millimetre wave antennas.

Parish Council objection to the 20 Metre mast

When Three UK decided to put in an application for a 20 metre 5G mast on Manchester New Road (Shopping Centre) many people objected and most of them objections were health concerns, that mast was refused by Trafford Planning Committee because it was causing issues with St Mary’s Church

Three-UK mobile network decided to come back with a new application, this time a 15 metre mast which is only slightly higher than the nearest lamppost.

The new Three-UK 15 metre mast objections from the Parish Council

Our understanding is 95% of the majority or so people don’t even know what 5G is or how harmful it is to them, and of course what it is leading up to for example, advanced robotics, cars that drive by themselves and more.

The reason why people are not aware about 5G is due in part is because of the political councillors and the Parish Council, this would mean all of Trafford not just Partington.

People are no longer able to comment on the current application (The second shopping centre mast) and its now down to the Planning Committee to decide if they approve the mast or refuse it and despite the crazy from the Parish Council we thank them for the very late objections alongside Positive Partington.

We will be awaiting the result, it could go up despite the small amount of objections, we will look at things more deeper since if approved it will cause harm to the many kids that hang around the shopping centre in Partington and Partington Central Academy.

One thing we can guarantee people is we will fight hard to stop 5G until proven safe (which it will never be) in Partington and elsewhere in Trafford.

We don’t want any battle with the Parish Council or any fall outs, we wish to work with them as we do the Trafford Labour councillors to resolve the issues in Partington, we believe prevention is better than cure and we hope you will head over to Trafford Residents Against 5G where you can find lots of information all factual.

On the group you can find out how to object and ask questions, the group leader was on a radio show recently which you can listen to via a link on the group page.