Bomb Disposal van outside Masonic Hall in Sale

Picture: Darren Marsden

Roads around Tatton Road was sealed off this afternoon (5 October 2021) after police got information about a suspect device being found at the Masonic Hall.

People wanting to return back home on Tatton Road was told to leave the scene and anyone wanting to head towards the Bridgewater Canal was told to divert to other entrances.

Video footage: Darren Marsden

A police spokeswoman at the scene confirmed to us that they had found a grenade at the Masonic Hall and that the bomb squad declared it safe and left the scene at around 4.45pm.


We also understand that bones was found on the premises and a forensic examination is taking place to identify who they belong to.

Masonic Hall where a grenade was found

Pic: Darren Marsden

All roads have now reopened.