Sale High School

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A proposed 5G mast that was to replace a 4G one on the roof of Sale High School in Sale has been refused by Trafford Planning Committee.

This refusal will be a relief to not only the parents but to the headteacher also who mentioned in the objection about the issues surrounding health and wellbeing.

The refusal was simply because the mast company Cornerstone would not amend the plans despite the LPA offering solutions, we are not told of these solutions and it could be Cornerstone comes back with a new plan so one to watch.

The 4G mast has been on site for a long time and although we believe still should not be anywhere near children its less dominant and acceptable to the street scene.

We are now hearing of people becoming unwell near to new 5G mast installations, children are very vulnerable to these high frequencies and need protecting from harmful EMFs.

If you wish to learn about 5G and all what is to come because of it please join or search Trafford Residents Against 5G.