Oak Road in Partington

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Proposals for the new housing development on Oak Road in Partington reveal a new travel plan that is being considered to help ease congestion at peak times.

The scheme is part of a new housing development that will see 86 new homes built on the corner of Oak Road and Warburton Lane, other plans include some replacements for the loss of bat roosting and some bird boxes.

We think people will have no issues with trying to make things better for Partington more so getting in or out of the place however it will be difficult to get people out of the car and on a bike or to walk more so when the weather is bad, the application does not say anything about the poor cycling infrastructure in the area.

Often cycle lanes on Warburton Lane have cars on them meaning a cyclist has to go into the middle of the road to get around them, this is occurring all of the time not just some of the time, lanes do not provide safety for a cyclist, many collisions have happened on Warburton Lane and Oak Road.

The bits of cycling infrastructure mentioned in the application talks about the TPT (Trans Pennine Trail) and its a fair distance to connect to it, no safe routes exist, other routes include badly signed and designed cycle paths behind Heath Farm Lane which could take you to either Mile Road/Carrington Lane or Sinderland Lane.

Pollution will rise in Partington and Carrington due to the amount of cars and vans, including 70 HGV’s an hour on Manchester Road from an approved storage facility, industry creates much of the pollution and yes! more polluting gas stations are in the pipeline, this also does put people off cycling.

Walking routes are available everywhere in Partington, lots of side passages making it a little quicker to get to your destination already exist and for many people they use these routes frequently,

Bus and rail routes have been mentioned however did not say anything about the lack of buses that go and out of Partington, with loads more people coming into the area we expect lots of people will use what is offered with the 255 filling up before it gets out of Partington leaving people in Carrington who need this service including children going to school left at the bus stop.

No new bus services have yet to be added although we are now aware Partington Local Link is stretching its arms out a little towards Dunham.

The application talks about rail services and the nearest one being Flixton, being realistic we don’t expect many people to be cycling to Flixton for a train, what is needed of course is what Partington councillor James Wright said in a live meeting, about getting that abandoned rail line opened up for either trains and bikes or trams and bikes, this is a smart plan however his boss classes the abandoned rail line roughly as an waste land with no hope of ever being used.

We welcome the bat and bird boxes, it is important to keep wildlife happy although of course much of Partington’s wildlife has been affected by all the housing developments and increased electromagnetic frequencies in the area.

You can read more by clicking this link https://publicaccess.trafford.gov.uk/online-applications/ and entering 105772/CND/21 in the search box