Over 50,000 in one year have stopped smoking and chose to vape instead.

According to the latest research people are better of vaping as it does not contain any of the harmful ingredients as a normal cigarette such as tar, carbon monoxide and other gases.

In a trial the NHS have started giving people free e-cigs for a week to get them to stop smoking and choose the alternative.

Despite e-cigs and vaping being much safer than normal smoking, they are not angels themselves, of course vapes contain nicotine which is the addictive ingredient in normal cigarettes, it is not fully known what side effects heating up oils are just yet and of course the lithium ion batteries that charge them can be a tricky.

For non smokers inhaling vape clouds is not nice and not enough research has been done to see what harm it could do to them.

Enough studies show though vaping for the user is a much better alternative and will help people quit smoking which kills over 77,000 people a year in the UK and hospitalises over 400,000.