Toys’R’us Broadheath


Toys’R’us and Babies’R’us are back in business and will be operating in the UK again in both online and physical retail in January 2022.

The brand went out of business and closed all its retail shops in the UK however Toys R us ANZ has a long term licence to operate from the UK, it will start with online retail and then retail next year.

Toys R Us is doing rather well for itself, with over 900 shops in around 25 countries its a mystery why Toys R us decided to call it a day here in the UK.

Trafford had one Toys R us store at Altrincham Retail Park, once it closed the doors for the last time the store was empty for a while until B&M took it over.

Toys R us sold many things at its Altrincham store and seemingly was doing alright with many people seen at any one time, they sold all types of toys and games, lots of baby stuff and even bikes and electrical equipment.

When they do arrive back in the UK, it is hoped that they can come back to Trafford again.