Stretford Mall is in dire need of an upgrade, its 1960’s shell now showing rust and we believe many people in Stretford and indeed the whole of Trafford and beyond will welcome the news.

The redesign will bring the sparkle back into Stretford, a place where people can shop, eat and drink in nice modern surroundings.

The demolition will be in phases and some of the Mall will remain which include the row opposite A56 Chester Road and much of Kingsway, Aldi will also be saved.


Regeneration of this sire will bring in big names on the high street which will benefit the local economy, its night time economy will also be given a boost.

Also part of these plans is to have a better cycling and walking route from Bridgewater Canal which will delight many people.

These plans are part of the Stretford Town Centre master plan with Trafford Council and Bruntwood teaming up to bring some life back into Stretford.

It is expected the plans will be approved and soon after demolition will commence.

You can read more on this by using reference 103844/HYB/21 in Trafford Planning Search which will give you more technical details.