Rob Duncan 2022 Tory candidate for St Mary’s Ward

As part of the Governments levelling up agenda Sale West Estate has got £975,000 from the Brownfield Land Release Fund.

The fund aims to help the many communities in England.

Work has already started in Sale West with the building of 263 new homes on mostly brownfield land, as a result local housing provider ‘Irwell Valley Homes’ have committed £7 million pounds in a 5-year programme that will see 1.100 existing homes improved.

The upgrades must also include a huge damp issue in many homes on the estate, this must be addressed before work is started.

It is hoped that this new money found will go to what the community wants, so a consultation should be started, 263 new homes although it will take a while is a big deal since by the time its built Trafford will be a car park.

Rob Duncan a local campaigner and Tory candidate for St Mary’s Ward in the upcoming 2022 local elections said: “I am delighted at the announcement in the budget that as part of the governments levelling up agenda Sale West is to receive £975,000 to support plans to improve the quality of the estate the funding is essential to plug the funding gap to allow phases 1 and 2 of the regeneration project to be completed and I would congratulate everyone involved in securing this funding.

“I am aware that this is a one-off funding that is required to be spent within the financial year 21/22 and I would therefore urge Irwell Valley Homes to work at pace to ensure that the funding is drawn down and the phases are completed as soon as possible. it is also crucial that the voice of the residents on the estate are listened to and while it is very welcome that 263 new homes are to be built on the estate it is also essential that existing residents are not forgotten and their homes are refurbished to the standard that has already been promised and that damp issue in homes is dealt with.”