A proposed 18 metre 5G mast could go up on Washway Road in Sale if approved by Trafford Planning Comittee.

The 18 metre ThreeUK mast which could be built next to a wall behind a small wooded are in between Granery Way and Beechfield Close in Sale will bring about a huge number of objections due to the proximity of many houses and flats.

Like the majority of 5G masts Three junior schools are within range of this mast, looking at the application we can see at this time no evidence to show the network has contacted head teachers or even local political people.

The mast will cause many people serious problems if it is approved, from 24/7 humming to health effects from the frequencies involved.

Washway Road in Sale is already one of the most dangerous polluted roads in Manchester, if this is approved you can add microwave radiation to the mix.

We asked local Trafford Labour councillor a while back about 5G and she gratefully replied to our message and we could see she had no idea what 5G was, in the reply she referred to 5G as G5, we expect similar from the other two Brooklands councillors, however if you wish to object it would be of huge benefit to get them to object also no matter what its for, be it health or just appearance.

Looking at where it is to be positioned, it will not cause a block as the pavement is wide enough, only thing for a councillor to object is appearance as its going to look dreadful, however with the trees behind it, its going to be a close run thing.

You can object anonymously if you want by starting an email to development.management@trafford.gov.uk and then in subject line type in only the reference which is 106252/TEL/21 then in the message box below write your objections and send.