Fir Primary School in Sale: Google Maps

A school girl from Firs Primary School in Sale was walking home at approximately 4.30pm on 4 November 2021 when a man was reported to have tried to abduct her, he left the scene after a man and a woman helped her to escape.

Police were contacted an a large investigation was underway to try and capture the man who made off in a new white van which has sliding doors and a logo on the side.

An e-fit was produced of the man, police followed all lines of enquiry and despite the best efforts could not find any more information and so have closed the case.

Police are saying though that despite the case being closed they will still follow up any new evidence given and so if you have anything to share call police as soon as you can.

Detective Inspector Helen Bagnall from Trafford CID said: “We understand the concern that this incident caused in the local community and would like to thank members of the public who responded to our appeal and assisted with our enquires.

“Whenever reports of this nature are brought to us they are viewed with the utmost seriousness and a thorough investigation was carried out with the aim of establishing the circumstances and bringing offenders to jutice.

“Officers carried out a thorough investigation in this case and followed up a number of lines of enquiry including meticulous CCTV checks and appeals for help from the public and the decision has been taken to close the investigation pending any further evidence or information being brought to our attention.

“We continue to work with partners and local schools to offer reassurance and help keep children safe and extra patrols will be in the area, Anyone with concerns can speak to local officers.

“We will act of course on any new information that comes to light, and should anyone have such information relevant to our investigation I urge them to come forward.