In a thought provoking motion several women councillors told of there horrific stories tonight at a Trafford Council meeting held in Sale.

Tomorrow is White Ribbon Day and the campaign to end violence against women will last 16 days, this will also mean the council’s HQ will have special lights on for the same time frame.

Joanne Harding: TMBC

On the night Urmston councillor sat down and gave a powerful speech about her experiences, she never shown any emotion however it told of a scary situation where it is claimed she was attacked by her boyfriend at the time, she went on to tell her story which you can see below, viewer discretion advised:

Another councillor Serena Carr also spoke at the meeting, she experienced physical violence, harassment and sexual assault on many occasions.

Both councillors ordeals were shocking, however they were brave enough to tel the other councillors and the public about these experiences and why misogyny should be a hate crime.

Violence against women and girls is on the rise in Greater Manchester, so with the brave recording above we hope you will support White Ribbon Day and show your support at the event outside Trafford Council on Talbot Road in Old Trafford.

You can view more information and to get involved by clicking here: