Tank in Urnston: Pic @TraffordPagesUK

Residents sent us pictures of a tank cruising the streets of Urmston during the week and wondered what was going on.

This is not as unusual as you may think, people are able to buy tanks and ride them around, its a cheaper way of getting around, no tax or insurance although you need to be qualified to use a tank on the roads and you need to be have a licence.

It is though rare to see a tank on the streets and when one pops up it gets people talking, it is different and interesting.

A decommissioned tank means it can no longer be used to destroy things, it is basically a huge lump of metal going as fast as a hedgehog.

One resident told us one of the men in the photo ended up talking to a bus driver, another said he saw that same tank parked up on a road in Urmston, can you imagine what your neighbour would think!