Police taped of Britannia Road in Sale at around 4.45pm on 27/11.21 due to a woman aged between 18/25 being on the roof of Kings Ransom pub.

An eye witness saw some of the incident and told us that he saw the woman and was concerned about her welfare, the man who does not wished to be named told us “If she falls towards the car park she would be injured or worse due the height”

Police decided to tape of the road so emergency services could prepare if she did the unthinkable, it is unknown why the fire service came out with oxygen tanks on there backs, we did see specialist divers who can scramble fast to save a life.

It is hopeful that the specialist police woman managed to get her down and to safety, it was a freezing cold evening and this alone will have helped her to decide to do the right thing and go back inside or come down another safe way with the help of fire fighters.

At the time a Santa on a barge event was taking place on the Bridgewater Canal with lots of people looking on not aware of the situation unfolding.

Here in Trafford our mental health service is broken, the more the government and some mainstream media outlets scare the people including local politicians the bigger the impact on our mental health, something this government does not understand.

We know that social services are so stretched people and some of them very unwell people are being left to it, some people do not get to see anyone, these people are the most vulnerable in society, its a national and local disgrace.

Fortunately we have other services that can help, Samaritans are a fantastic well trusted 24/7 every day of the year service, they will speak to you like a friend and will understand your situation, sometimes all it takes is to have a chat with someone, if you need them even just for a chat ring free 116 123 you can even email them: jo@samaritans.org, if you email you may have to wait for a reply.