Our view

A variant of concern called Omicron has suddenly appeared and the UK falls into its own backside again, the worry warts of parliament biting there nails and the lunatic scientist Whitty gearing up for more live TV.


Had any of these idiots just listened to the South African Health Minister and others maybe the actions they have taken (which lets face it is nothing other wearing a mask over your face) would have not happened at all.

Covid is a thing and has killed many elderly people, however its killed many more people because of it! and that part for ‘some unknown reason’ has been completely missed by our legacy media.

Looking at a recent chart we could see that Covid was nothing compared to those that died of Cancer, those that died of suicide because our mental health services had broken into two, yet all we ever did was talk about Covid, day in day out and for months.

Omicron and all the others will come along, its part of a virus, its normal….we know this! so why are the Government so concerned? could it really be about control? do they enjoy being talked about? or do they know something we don’t?

It is weird to the many why it is that the politicians, world leaders and so called top scientists have not really bothered to even talk about where this virus came from, it hardly in legacy media or even local for that matter.

The vaccinated now wondering why they took the chance in the first place since apparently it does not protect you and it does not stop you from spreading it, then the political people want you to take the booster jab, we can understand the confusion.

Those that have decided not to take the jab are in some people’s eyes stupid, that is an opinion and as valid as all opinions, however they just might be right not to be taking the jab, what if they were? and the vaccinated ended up ill or worse? who would then be the conspiracy theorists? its a good debate.

We feel though its up to the individual what they want, forcing something as experimental as this vaccine into someone who does not want it is wrong! damn wrong, forcing people to wear masks is wrong, since anyone with a brain can see they do not work to stop anything from getting through it.

Looking further a couple of weeks it will be obvious to those in Government that Omicron is a very mild illness and will end restrictions, what they have planned though for 2022 is anyone’s guess.

With local elections coming in May, we predict Boris Johnson will resign, he actually would be best to resign as his mental state is not so good these days, it may save his political career, also due to the elections they will not lock people down again, although if any variant comes around we will be back wearing masks again.

Those that want lock down are quickly realising that they no longer can get free money and watch there employer end up going out of business since the government cannot afford it anymore, those that got 80% of the wages paid will now turn on the government and they won’t want or need that.

Lock down won’t happen, just fear will continue from our legacy media earning a few quid! you can though ignore it or watch your mental health decline! your choice!