We had many messages from concerned residents as to why they saw many police officers looking for something on Oak Road Park yesterday (30/11/21)

This was part of a day of action that police have called ‘Operation Avro’ and what you saw was police looking for weapons and other things that could have been hidden.


After checking the shrubs and just about everywhere else police confirmed on social media that all they found was a stolen bike.

The park is looked after by Friends of Oak Road Park very well, and with the help of One Trafford it is kept in fairly good condition, it is expected the group leader will have been contacted to see if he or she have found anything and establish a link so on the next clean up anyone finding anything suspicious is to immediately report the finding.

Crime affects us all even the criminals! and this day of action is of use to local people and has been widely approved.

On the day police arrested many people and through warrants found cannabis farms in houses and flats, a number of people were caught with class A drugs, weapons were also found and seized.

More though needs to be done, police need to work with local housing groups, finding out how well the anti social behaviour team are doing and keep tracking them to make sure failings do not occur, checking lettings panels to see if they are properly checking people before giving them accommodation, we are aware the housing group with its base on Wood Lane in Partington has a poor record with this and with its Anti Social Behaviour department.