Residents in Sale have requested a bit more time so they can get objections in to a proposed ThreeUK 5G mast on Washway Road.

The list of objections had risen sharply today 2 December 2021 to 62 this list also included a St Mary’s Ward councillor.

At this time we are aware that all Brooklands councillors and the MP Mike Kane is fully aware of this proposed 5G mast although have yet to add objections.


We have read every objection, the leading concern is due to health and safety and worries over pets and wildlife, others are concerned about the trees and the price of property which will fall sharply if this mast is approved.

Looking at where the mast is proposed to be built which is situated almost in between Granery Way and Beechfield Close will affect those living opposite and those actually living on Beechfield Close due to proximity.

Whilst we object to 5G completely looking at this proposal its going to be very hard for the Planning Committee to refuse it, the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) is what the committee goes off and it is always either the appearance or a blocking of a pavement that they will either approve or refuse.

Looking at appearance and where the mast is in relation to houses, trees are on three sides of this mast, despite it being 18 metres high we think it will not have any appearance issues for the close, the only appearance issues will be for those opposite the mast.

The committee do not care about health concerns for humanity, its pets or wildlife! it does not care about the value of your property.

Because of what we have said this mast despite all the objections and the clear and obvious health issues that this mast will bring to the area which will expose everyone in the immediate area and further towards two schools and likely a third near Newton Park.

We will keep you posted on what the decision will be in the coming weeks and if residents find a way to extend the consultation period.