A new higher fencing has gone up around the perimeter of Broadoak High School, work was seen on Chapel Lane in Partington.

The fence at Chapel Lane is much higher than the previous fencing standing at 2.4m and different heights in other areas, it caused two objections one of which asked for the reasons as to why a new higher fence was needed, Trafford Planning replied in the application saying its for security reasons.


It seems the school did not want anyone jumping over on to the grass area with the possibility of the football pitches and the artificial football pitch being damaged.

Safeguarding the school must be approved by everyone and we welcome the changes.

The removal of the older style fencing though may mean those that want to get over the fence may end up using the 5G mast cabinets, this is very harmful, all kids must stay away from this 20 metre mast.

Whilst work is well underway we hope the contractor picks up any older fencing and rubbish that was seen dumped.