Ring doorbell and other WiFi enabled cameras are something many people use to secure the home however its not as secure as you might think.

It’s actually very easy to hack or even jamming a doorbell camera and the reason for this is due to the WiFi signals not being encrypted.

We have researched how bad actors actually stop a camera from operating from a cheap jammer device and its shockingly easy to do.

Its a serious flaw of the Ring Doorbell camera that could leave your home less secure and Amazon are not looking to change anything even though they have now added a 2 step authentication, hackers can still stop the camera.


This also applies to all other WiFi enabled cameras that are not encrypted.

So we have a solution, first you will need to change your WiFi password to something really good, we suggest you do this with or without a camera, use a VPN like NordVPN.

Even that though will not do much if the savvy burglar or anyone with knowledge who are just messing around if they have a jammer device, this simply knocks out coverage until the bad actor has done his work leaving no footage.

Most bad actors will not have any knowledge so its still useful to keep the Ring Doorbell camera rolling or any other WiFi enabled camera.

Ring Doorbell is actually a good device in itself, it shows fairly good footage although it could be improved from what we have seen, just for that one flaw that could be easily fixed we could have been talking about one of the best security cameras around.

Security needs to be tight these days, and in addition to your doorbell camera or others we suggest having a wired connection inside, you could have one at the front and the back of the property linked to a hard drive, and whats best is no yearly subscription to pay.