Environment Agency has today put River Mersey and its catchments at Sale, Altrincham and Urmston, including Sinderland Brook at Partington on flood alert.


Persistent heavy rain through the day and much of this evening has increased water levels, at this time of publishing Sinderland Brook at Partington is on flood alert and its expected to rise further, this means flooding will occur in some areas.

The small bridge called ‘Covershaw Bridge’ will be flooded and water will travel down towards Sinderland Lane/Moss Lane junction, the more narrow parts of Sinderland Brook will also flood making things worse.

Fields will also be flooded for a time at most parts of Sinderland Lane which will include the road itself.


River Mersey:

  • Northenden 1.85m (Flood Alert)
  • Sale 1.19m (last measurement was 3pm so we expect this will be much higher)
  • Flixton 2.91m

Sinderland Brook Partington 1.05m (Flood Alert)

We expect Sale to be much higher and if the rain continues through the night Flixton will also be on flood alert.

Take some action now to protect your home and you may expect some travel issues through the night and tomorrow.