A battered looking Boris Johnson came on to a live broadcast with his two crazy scientists to declare that England will move into Plan B restrictions due to a new variant sweeping the nation.

However this new level is not significant for the general public everything is the same for the majority of people as it is now, however on 15 December Parliament will go to vote on Vaccine Passports if its approved this will mean all nightclubs will require a vaccine passport on entry.

Premier League and all other football clubs will also require a vaccine passport, entry into any event over 4000 and where their is 500 or more standing at an indoor event will also require a Covid passport.

Fortunately the government also says proof of a lateral flow test will also be accepted which is a bit confusing to us, non the less its not as draconian than a Covid Passport that breaks every law you can think of and we are totally against this.

People have been asked to work from home if they can, this is not a mandatory thing and people can choose to go to work as normal.

Omicron variant is sweeping the nation at this time, however most people who have had it recovered within a couple of days in South Africa.

The Government are not 100% sure if this variant is bad and so taking the measures now just in case it turns out to be bad which according to the South African Health Minister and other ministers the variant only gives a mild illness and their is no need to panic!

It seems the Government who are out of control has not believed South Africa health professionals and have not taken any chances.

Boris is under pressure to resign and that he should with a full investigation as to why he and all his Tory chums were having a great time last Christmas whilst the majority of people were locked up, some people couldn’t even see loved ones who passed away, the drugs scandal must also be looked at and not forgotten as it seems to have been.

The statistics were all false right through the pandemic, this is no oversight, people saw that and got scared, this what it was all about! many fell for it believing they could end up in hospital where 99.7% of the people that did survived, although sadly some did die who were already unwell.

Healthy people could get this virus, not just the unwell, it did seem though those with illnesses did have more chance of becoming unwell.

Boris and his Tory pals have taken this country for a ride, a big laugh on the population, even the do-gooders who are actually the cancer in our society are now questioning his tactics, this is a disgrace and Labour who have been sitting on the fence for so long have the chance now to get to the bottom of this and make sure legacy media do not forget what is going on.