fed up Partington residents have complained they are yet again left out whilst areas like Altrincham, Urmston and Sale could get upgrades to leisure centres.


Partington has always been an after thought for Trafford Council under both the Tories and Labour, instead they continue to create chaos for the area building more homes for people with no thoughts about what this means to existing residents.

We want to see big upgrades to the leisure Centre..

A new indoor facility could be built where the underused tennis courts are, maybe for Martial Arts, Boxing hall can be built as an example, leaving the big halls for football and racket sports, it would free up a lot of space for the main sports halls.

A proper cafe could also be built which could also have rooms for mental health drop ins, advocacy services and more! these are ideas, this is something local political councillors seemingly do not have for Partington.

With Adele New set to stand for re-election next year she will now! try harder to please Partington and its now you need to ask her to get things done, for what you want!, this is the time you will get the best from her as like all councillors they want your vote! and you must hold them to account if they do not deliver on the promises they give you.

Other changes could be done to Cross Lane Park where finally a heavily protected toddler park can be built with clean up facilities, a high fenced off running track could be introduced, it does not need to be 400m all the way around for people to benefit from it, and more cycling infrastructure, these are of course what some people want and ideas, you may have your own ideas.

Partington needs more choice, more infrastructure to keep people healthy, and it can only happen if the elected representatives cared, rather than just read emails or do things for friends, the entire area itself needs to be looked after.

We are currently asking other political people from all sides to see what can be done and rest assured we won’t leave it until something is done, we hope to have the support of the Parish Council who we give credit to for helping stop two 5G masts which has helped keep the community safe.

These changes take a while, with persistence change will come and although we cannot stop the chaos looming because of all the new apartments and houses being built, HS2 and the huge problems in Carrington, at least residents will be just that bit happier which is what we want to see.