Trafford Licencing committee have given Lancashire Cricket Club the thumbs up at a recent meeting for several big named bands to play at the Emirates Old Trafford in 2022.


Three bands have been announced so far which are The Killers, Foo Fighters and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers it is likely Foo Fighters will have two nights depending on ticket sales.

The dates of the first concert will be on 11/06/22 and other dates will be 15/16/22 and 25 of June 2022.

Noise issues have been looked at and a noise management plan will be in action 6 weeks before the fist concert is scheduled to start, this will include an enhanced noise reduction plan and mitigation techniques to reduce the possibilities of noise impacts on Trent Bridge Walk.

All residents will get a letter before the concerts start.

Other noise impacts have been looked at such as HGV’s coming and going, and noise from constructing and de-constructing the stage, access for the HGV’s will be from 8am to 8pm on Greatstone Road at the old B&Q site and can only come from Talbot Road not Chester Road.

Mr Ash from Lancashire Cricket Club will be arranging a meeting with sound company vanguardia used for many years in the new year to move forward with plans to make sure sound is kept at a minimum whilst not spoiling concerts for fans.

Current noise levels must not breach 80 DB’s over 15 minute periods, and sound is checked at regular intervals with specialist sound engineers by Lancashire Cricket Club to make sure levels do not increase.

All conditions were met and the application was approved.

(Front Cover pic: Emirates Cricket Ground: Google)