Anyone who cares about everything we value in life, and the many freedoms we have due to the brave men who fought in two world wars will surely be concerned about the illegal plan by the Tories to bring in Covid Passports.


Next week MP’s will vote, it can go either way, should it be approved believe us Covid Passports will change everything overnight, and it won’t stop at just big events, the ruthless out of control government with a leader who lies so much he would win the part in a new Pinocchio film.

The government are already planning a ‘Plan C’ set of restrictions and are awaiting the result, this is why its so important to email your Labour MP’s here in Trafford.

Gratefully the Tory MP Graham Brady who has always been against what his own party have done throughout the pandemic is one of the MP’s who objects to Covid Passports, with an increasing number of Tory MP’s voting against Covid Passports and Plan B restrictions, its not yet known what Labour MP’s are going to do.

By emailing Mike Kane and Kate Green in numbers will help them see that you value your freedoms in this country and hopefully will vote against Covid Passports and Plan B restrictions, they could also wake up other MP’s to vote against.

Email Mike Kane:

Email Kate Green:

We urge you to do this as soon as you can, if they get these emails on Monday, it will be read before the vote we believe will be on Tuesday evening.

This is really a serious situation and unlike other problems we have had, this one must not go under the carpet! it requires your action.

Our government are out of control, a leader who needs psychiatric treatment and needs to resign, a back bench who would look better lined up on Alcatraz, so we must not allow them to bring in Covid Passports at any cost

Even if you do not come from Trafford you must contact your MP as soon as you can, everyone can play a part, to get this stopped would be a victory that would enhance good feelings in your community, and we can look up to the sky with pride knowing all those that died for our freedoms in two world wars and those that have sadly died in recent conflicts will be smiling down knowing you also played your part to protect whats so precious to all of our lives….freedom!