According to research by GM Trends it found some disturbing information that Xanax pills were being made in the Altrincham area.


Xanax ((alprazolam) is an anti anxiety/panic attack drug that is incredibly addictive, the Benzodiazepine if misused can give the user a false sense of security, in one study a teenager took the drug because it was easy to buy, and made him feel better, although not for long as his symptoms described someone with a delusional mind.

The drug took a hold of him where in one day he had taken 56 tablets, he went to sleep on Friday and did not wake up until Sunday, when he did he attacked his mother and did further damage.

Luckily he had the strength and the family to pull him off the drug, however the side effects are life long and he now has to deal with mental health problems.

A Young persons Substance Operations manager from Salford and Trafford said:“We had some intel from one of our young people saying that they were being made in Altrincham.

“They were coming out of Altrincham, and they were being made.”

The research concluded that no information was available about the purity or how many tablets were now in circulation.

Trafford though comes out as the one borough that although has a drugs issue is not the worst area, in some instances Trafford comes bottom of the pile meaning we have less issues than other boroughs of Greater Manchester regarding drugs misuse.

In the study you can view much more information that in some areas will shock you, if you have some time read the entire document which you can read here:

(Front page picture is not Xanax and a stock image used)