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Our air we breathe is toxic, from Normal road side pollution to high levels of Carbon Dioxide, fortunately these days we have the technology to get live data and what it gave us was shocking.


CO2 over the UK today 22/12/21 was according to data from which is a 24/7 live feed the UK had off the scale amounts of CO2 at street level alongside high Particulates and NO2 levels, this is a dangerous mix of things that would damage the strongest lungs.

For days at a time we saw high levels of Particulates PM 2.5, this is invisible to the naked eye yet when breathed in goes straight to the lungs, the more you have breathed in and over time will cause huge damage which cannot be reversed.

CO2 though is something that when extremely high as it is tonight can cause a thing called ‘Hypercapnia’ which many people may not even know they have since the symptoms are much like a cold or flu, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

What all this means is we are all damaging our lungs one day at a time.

Many people have heard of Geo-engineering where its true aircraft often can be seen with huge long trails, some are contrails and vanish, many though do not vanish and end up hanging around so long they merge with normal cloud.

In the trail is a mixture of gases, metals and solvents along with condensation, at the height aircraft are at these trails form tiny ice crystals, some of this does evaporate however with metals and heavier solvents these will fall to earth.

The more of these trails the bigger the problem and for a wide area, this could make an invisible mist which at street level we all breathe in causing huge lung damages, this mist will mix with particles, NO2 and CO2, tropospheric or ground level ozone is formed which is really bad for our health.

These things are an important part in this study and possibly could be the way other things are transported through the air such as man made microorganisms that could potentially kill everyone if enough is released during a biological attack, however it could be transported in such a way to test how people reacted to a biological attack.


As we continue to see high levels of CO2, NO2 and particulates we will see more people becoming unwell, people who have already got damaged lungs through no fault of their own and those with asthma will suffer the most in such conditions.

The facts are many people believe pollution is just from cars or industry, its much more than that as our article shows, we have to be taking this more seriously, legacy media have written about it, the big broadcast news services have warned people although not to the level we have gone to help you understand how dangerous our air has become.

Omicron is a mild illness, the UK government are being fed a load of lies from scientists that have been wrong about the statistics all the way through the pandemic so much so that even the count on Sesame Street is banging his head on the wall!

This new variant though is very much like Hypercapnia and so are other illnesses where the lungs are affected, wearing a mask then is useless, they were anyway! check the label if you do not believe us! even a proper cycling mask would not prevent damage to the lungs from such toxic air, although it is possible wearing one could damage them anyway! such is the restriction of air.

What can we do? well the obvious things, stop driving the car under a mile! ban wood stoves which causes much of the air pollution, ban diesel cars and vans, it would be up to regulators to make sure industry complies with the laws and not take back handers!


AIrliners need to be fitted with greener engines, no spraying of solvents and that would end much of the toxic air we are breathing in every day, some of the toxic air also comes from Europe which we can only try and get them to look at what they are doing to reduce the toxic air, if they do not comply even if we clean up our act this air one day will end up over our country,

Having aircraft though not polluting the world would be a huge step in the right direction, this does not mean we want to see an end to aircraft, not at all! we actually want to see the return of the iconic 747-400 which is a wonderful aircraft, we want more aircraft just more efficient.