We have a guide to what is taking place in Trafford in 2022 and some predictions.

With the council going crazy for more housing we know early on in the year the Pelican Pub on Manchester Road in Timperley is expected to be bulldozed making way for a old people’s home and housing where Altrincham Lodge is situated, this will have to go through the planning committee.


Many of the existing housing developments in Broadheath and Partington will have finished by the third quarter of the year.

More 5G masts will be proposed to be built in all parts of Trafford although if its the Three-UK network you would be better upgrading your rubbish 4G signal than waste money on 5G since they will all be refused!

Manchester Marathon in April will be something special with international athletes competing for the first time.

In June we will hopefully see 5 concerts in the month at Emirates Old Trafford.

All the carnivals and festivals will be able to get underway after being halted due to the pandemic and also the Christmas switch on events will be in full swing in December.

If you are into voting! you have your chance to change things around in May as the local elections take place, this one will be much different we think, with many independent candidates winning seats due to the dreadful way the Tories and Labour handled the pandemic.

We are aware of several councillors stepping down in 2022 and some going up for re-election such as Adele New in Partington, her majority last time was poor considering the strength Trafford Labour has in Bucklow St Martins.

The possibility of an artificial football pitch being built on Crossford Playing Fields in Sale looks like a good bet as its out of the way and would not cause anyone any problems, this though could bring in controversial moves by Trafford College who may end up ripping up the pitch at the back of the college in favour of the Sale pitch which local people and councillors object to.

Trafford College are looking to build housing at the back.

We predict in 2022 that either storage or a housing development will be proposed on land bought opposite Cross Lane Park in Partington, we could also see action happening on land at Chapel Lane.

Work on Sale Square should be finished in 2022 which will see new shop fronts and sadly it looks like no protection from the rain or snow!

We hope the proposed cinema at the back of Sale Square will happen although nothing has yet been mentioned about it and due to costs involved could be scrapped.

Trafford will see a Clean Air Zone which may or may not help with the air quality, if vehicles do comply with the rules then it can only help clear up our dirty air, of course we would need industry to follow and they won’t do a thing.

Motorists though have to take this seriously or it will cost you a fortune, at this time many APNR cameras are watching your every move and they will catch you out!

In 2022 its going to be a great year, and free from any restrictions unless Tedros from World Health Organisation finds out something else has been released and we could be in a more serious situation, we hope common sense prevails and they leave humanity alone to get on with everything again.

As time ticks the crazy scientists, and people at the top of the political tree are looking to change everything, however they did not expect a reaction like what they saw and now have an understanding that to play with fire your hands will get burnt.

Have a great 2022 we will be with you throughout, thank you for your support in 2021.