We know about the poor conditions on many of our roads in Trafford with huge potholes and poor surfaces making things very tricky for all road users.


We have selected Moss View Road in Partington as the road most neglected by the council (although a very close second was Chapel Lane) and forgotten about for a very long time even though only yards away a huge housing development is being built with even more cars ripping the surface to shreds.

Video by N4TX

In the video shown above you can see the bad state this bit of road is in, with flooding with only a bit of rain this road needs sorting out as soon as possible, local people have complained and reported and nothing is done.

We hold the current political councillors and those previous for not getting this road sorted out, it really does show you how much time they take to make sure people are not only listened to but also kept safe.

The Parish Councillors could do much more since all live in the area! they must know about how bad this road has got, we are not aware any of them ever contacting Trafford Council.

Safety is a priority and yet the very people that Partington residents voted in ‘seemingly’ couldn’t care less! with One councillor aka Adele New is going up for re-election this year, this could be the best time to get what you want, she will offer you the word to get that vote! and boy will she need it and we wish her well.

We will do our best to make sure roads are safe and Moss View Road and Chapel Lane is on our radar.

If you have a bad road that you want fixing please send a photo to newsdesk@news4trafford.com or on our Facebook page remembering to tell us where it is and your name.