Nearly a million people have added there names to a petition to remove ex Labour leader Tony Blair from the Queens New Years honours list.


Tony Blair is a war criminal and receiving a knighthood from the queen would be seen as a bad move and could further harm the Royal Family’s credibility not only here in the UK also overseas.

Blair and US president at that time George Bush helped kill millions of innocent people in Iraq with false claims they had weapons of mass destruction.

The ex Labour leader is still causing harm to the people of the UK suggesting things to keep the UK in lockdown and destroying everything we have and our lives.

Although fortunately we have never met this evil man, he should be given either 10 life sentences or given the death penalty along with George Bush for war crimes.

We further hear that the scientific people behind some of the most dodgy Covid-19 statistics ever! are also to be knighted, Chris Whitty and his chumps are on that honours list, every one of them lied throughout the pandemic.

Millions in this country were frightened by these people and what they were saying, with the help of legacy media depressed many, sadly some of these innocent people committed suicide, and sadly they still are!

The Queen will have to remove Blair and Whitty, Valance, Van Tam of that honours list with immediate effect or the public, even those that love the Royal Family will rightly turn against them and will no longer be able to exist.

(Front cover pic: Tony Blair via Wikipedia)