A arge amount of objections have been submitted by residents to a proposed Three-UK 5G mast on Marsland Road in Sale.

The 20 metre 5G mast if approved could go up near to Walkden Gardens and a grade II listed building opposite currently the Moorfield Pub.

Within the large list of objections their is one from Trafford Labour Councillor Barry Brotherton who said: “I am writing on behalf of the Priory ward councillors to object to the application 106595/TEL/21 for a 20 metre phone mast on Marsland Road, Sale.

“This mast would be unsightly addition to the street scene in this prominent location, it is also directly facing a grade II listed building (The Moorfield formerly Sale Hotel),”

The friends of Walkden Park also objected claiming the park is a grade II listed dovecote which was relocated from Sale Old Hall, the group also mentioned that the mast should not be approved because of where it is proposed to built.

This mast will be seen for miles around and will ruin Walkden Gardens, it is also too close to a nursery and Sale Grammar school, many residents understand about the harm the 5G microwave beams can cause and are rightly concerned.

We are fully aware that 5G frequency causes potential interference with aircraft, the CAA is investigating and the US FAA is asking the networks to stop 5G for a couple of weeks so they can get a fix on the situation.

The NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) is what Trafford Planning Committee use to decide what is approved and what is refused, in all applications they claim they cannot refuse a mast on health grounds, however some residents have found that section 185 clearly states that a council can refuse because of noise pollution and anything that gets in the way of enjoyment of your home.

The monster sized cabinets all buzz like crazy as does the monopole so because of this and the obvious health impacts to anyone near it to both humans and animals all masts anywhere near a property/properties should be refused.

Because many of these masts have been approved in Trafford all that have gone up in residential areas could have been refused!

We are asking Trafford Planning about this as residents will feel they had been lied to by the council and the objections made irrelevant which is not right.

It could mean masts that have gone up in residential areas will be moved to a place where no properties are anywhere near, although we do not want 5G whatsoever and many people are also feeling the same way, we would be a little happier knowing these horrible looking microwave monopoles will be out of sight.

You can learn more about this mast by clicking here and entering 106595.