The extraodinary meeting was called because councillors needed to talk about the Warburton Toll Bridge charges.

These charges have come at the wrong time and we fully agree with Trafford Labour that charging people over the odds for crossing the bridge is not the right thing to be doing.

Extraordinary meeting TMBC via Trafford Council YouTube channel

A smaller rise would have been a better option by Peel and we hope they change minds and figure out a better solution that will not impact people who use Warburton Toll Bridge.

Partington councillor James Wright was first to speak at the meeting, he stated that the traffic issues would cause problems, his collegue Adele New made a rare appearance to offer a similar theme which we agreed with.

They both know though that under there watch including Aidan Wiliams all the housing developments in Partington and Carrington was approved so to start coming out on live streams telling of the chaos looming is a bad thing, and should never be forgotten it was them who helped cause the problems, remember this in May!

On the night though It was though when Councillor Butt came to the microphone all went a little bit angry after his speech, other councillors in the room laughed which was not a nice thing to be doing, his speech even if it did not make any sense should be respected.

After basic speeches by other councillors which included the other Partington councillor Aidan Williams it was the turn of Trafford Labour leader Andrew Western which you can see in the above video.

The leader stepped up to the microphone and laid into Councillor Butt for his previous speech where Mr Butt talked mostly about the car parking charges

On the night all the Trafford Tory councillors did change the subject from talking about Warburton Toll Bridge to the car parking charges in the borough.

Both Councillor Western and Butt will be given a warning about the outburst, the leader although has the right to have his say needed to restrain himself and not react, calling a councillor a joke and telling him to leave, he even called Boris Johnson a hypocrite which of course has nothing to do with what the meeting was about.

For the leader to mention ‘The constitution’ during his rant we are fully aware that Councillor Western is also needing to read more this since he told a member of the public that he could not contact a different ward councillor, when in fact you can, the ward councillors who get mail from a member of the public from another ward can deal with whatever the case is.

This meeting though was a complete farce, councillors and the leader looking like a couple of angry kids, spitting dummies out like this in what is a serious matter for a lot of people is not good enough for the people of this borough.

Despite the issues at the meeting it was declared that the council is objecting to the increase in how much people will have to pay to go over the Warburton Toll Bridge.