This week will have been one of the worst for James Wright, yesterday (12 Jan 2022) he was seen in a scrutiny meeting live on the Trafford Council YouTube channel.

He was talking about the Carrington Relief Road and admitted that the roads are over subscribed, chaos is looming and more housing developments and other developments are in the pipeline, however they have not been able to get to application phase because of the poor transport infrastructure.

The fact that he is the one with other councillors helping to approve these housing developments, completely in favour of it for whatever reason and then to claim ‘finally’ in a way the area is heading for a huge problem is hypocritical


In the same meeting he mentioned that the vast majority of people who added there name to a 1.632 strong petition was not from Partington or Carrington! on the one hand we at this time do not yet have the data to correct his statement, on the other hand should it have to be only from Partington and Carrington?

The big man was at it again today (13 Jan 2022) along with the standing councillor Adele New talking of bad traffic levels and pollution, don’t get us wrong here its great they are finally saying this, however its a tad too late to try and score some points, to hopefully tape over the cracks! we believe the Partington and Carrington people will see through this at the polls in May.

Even worse for Councillor Wright when he said “Partington is the most deprived area in the borough” this is not accurate as sadly Old Trafford is the most deprived, a slur on the people of Partington? either way for a councillor who serves a ward to call it that name is not showing any love for the area surely?

As for the relief road, we can say that at the meeting the majority of councillors seemingly was not in favour of the chosen route plan, the claim coming from that meeting was more investigations are needed to see if any more peat bogs exist, only one has been found so far and is 1.2m deep.

This bit of peat is not thought to be anywhere near the road and would not be affected, if it remains like this the ball will move forward to yet another consultation and then on to a planning application, members were reminded that nothing has yet been approved since this road will need to go to planning.

If investigators find more peat then the route will have to change, we cannot understand why they could not have done this in the first place, not many people will have objected and would make the job for the Planning Committee a little easier.


As for Adele New who made a very rare live appearance tonight she will have to do much better, if we can be of any help to her, she would be better to tell potential voters on what they should do to get in and out of the area, what people are going to do about getting supplies as shops will find it hard to get the stock since they will all be sitting in hours of traffic! we wish her all the best in getting some votes.

An action plan is needed for emergency services, the same councillor mentioned about an old lady not being able to get an ambulance because of the traffic and that is before all the chaos is due to hit the area.