A child was taken to hospital yesterday 17 Jan 2022 after an accident in Walton Park in Sale.

The 8 -year-old child was playing in the tennis court area when he was clothed lined by a tennis net wire, a gap of around 10 metres from the end of the net to the pole was seen leaving the steel wire with a plastic outer casing left.

We checked it out and got a photo, it was hard to see this wire so it was only time before something like this was going to happen.

The young boy was injured and needed treatment from a local hospital and is now recovering at home from the information we have been given.

A notice on the outer fencing told people who used the facility which includes a basketball court that they are responsible for what goes on and the council cannot be held liable for any injuries or worse, however, they are responsible for the upkeep of the facilities.

The net needs to be replaced with immediate effect so no more children can run into the steel line, we also noticed another court net had been damaged.

The parents of the child are now contacting ward councillors to get the tennis netting either taken out or replaced with a new one, they could also be looking at legal action.

We have asked a local Brooklands councillor for comment on what has happened and what she will be doing to make sure facilities are checked on a regularly to make sure when a tennis net is damaged or has wear and tear it is replaced or the entire net is taken down until a new one can be installed.